He likes to exercise his curious muscles and research deep into a topic. Though he covers various aspects of the crypto industry, he is quite passionate about the Web3, NFTs, Gaming, and Metaverse, and envisions them as the future of the economy. A reader & writer at heart, he calls himself an “average guitar player” and a fun footballer. While the export-oriented FTSE 100 was off 0.1%, the more domestically oriented FTSE 250 declined by 1%. The economy is set for a boost of almost £100bn over the next decade as tax cuts stimulate growth, according to analysis by the Taxpayers’ Alliance and Europe Economics.

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Also, holders of the DAO’s blue-chip NFTs will enjoy an additional 0.25% discount for every transaction. Our non-fiction catalogue features thinkers, writers and entertainers – from the QI team and Lenny Henry to James Shapiro and Jenny Uglow – whose books stimulate joy and laughter or new ways of thinking about the world. Whether you’re looking for a gift or to treat yourself, find special editions, letterpress prints, Faber branded merchandise and much more here.

The Genius Pivot of Topps To NFTs: The Key To WAX’s Future and Their Role in Blockchain Gaming

The metrics show that over 99% of the transactions were done on the platform throughout the month. Solsea, another NFT platform on the ecosystem, crawled digital and virtual currencies upwards to cover 12% of NFT transactions on August 12, 2022. Other platforms like Solanart, Alpha, Solsea and more endured under the shadows.

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Magic Eden, the leading platform for Solana NFTs, has announced that it is going multi-chain through the addition of Ethereum NFTs into its ecosystem. The Master Sword Bryan is an elite warrior of the prince of Shelkite’s council. When Shelkite is threatened by Ret, a wizard-king, the Master Sword is ready to fight.

Future releases will also include multi-chain compatible analytics tools to inform collectors’ decisions and NFT trades. According to the proposal, ApeCoin DAO will not commit any funds to the project as Magic Eden will be responsible for financing the project should the DAO agree to the proposal. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a student wizard? Of course, you didn’t get much in the way of prestige but at least you were alive to know this. Like many of us, Magic Eden has spotted the value and growth of Web3 games, and as such, have made moves. Browse a selection of books we think you might also like, with genre matches and a few wildcards thrown in.

As a culture-driven and community-obsessed marketplace, Magic Eden’s ETH entry is designed to deliver multi-chain solutions that can serve both NFTs creators and collectors with the best experience possible. Magic Eden will also be running private beta tests to develop a cross-currency trading product that will empower users to purchase SOL and ETH NFTs with SOL, ETH, or credit card. Magic Eden already has a background in Web3 gaming with Eden Games, which brought in over 50 Solana games to the platform. In fact, in June 2022, Magic Eden had a market share of 92% of all gaming NFTs traded on Solana. Eden Games is a key figure in blockchain gaming and an indispensible one in the Solana ecosystem.

Magic Eden Answers The Critics in The Field of Security Risks

Magic Eden is also running private beta tests to support the launch of a cross-currency trading product where users can browse the most extensive selection of SOL and ETH NFTs and make purchases via SOL, ETH, or credit card. These features make it a marketplace attractive for NFT traders (lower fees, cross-chain purchases, drops engaging the current user base), as they are a good indicator that Magic Eden can have a significant transaction volume on ETH. So, it makes sense to also trade in this market, as it has featured collections which liquidity will be higher. Magic Eden has several features that make the user experience smoother than other marketplaces, helping newcomers to get acquainted with the crypto market. One of these is the option to pay for the purchase using a credit card.

This means that irrespective of the blockchain in question, all users will be able to access the platform’s minting toolkit, whitelisting tools and marketing support when managing their NFTs. In June, the platform accounted for 92% of gaming NFTs traded on the Solana blockchain. The team is thus looking to seize on the opportunity provided by the crypto winter to build its brand further. Dubbed “Magic Ventures”, the project aims to provide investment and infrastructural incentives to gaming platforms and studios as they eye further growth in the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Why WAX Is a Force to Be Reckoned With in Blockchain Gaming

Solana-based marketplace has also inked multiple partnerships to boost the Web3 gaming ecosystem. To extend Magic Eden’s relationship with ETH NFT creators, the platform will build on its track record of delivering best-in-class NFT launch support. The new marketplace will allow NFT trades in ApeCoin – ApeCoin DAO’s native token.

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica and 13 other European telecoms providers on Monday made their strongest push for Big Tech to share network costs, citing the energy crisis and EU climate change goals. Prices for fibre optic cables, for example, have almost doubled in the first semester 2022. Magic Eden is going after the biggest NFT market in value on the ETH blockchain. Magic Eden has the advantage that it can leverage the current users from Solana to try the new offerings on this new chain with its in-house whitelisting and drop engines. Lower fees are also one point that will help attract new users. Magic Eden, a leading NFTs marketplace focused on bringing Web3 gaming to the masses, has announced a new venture arm targeted at pushing Web3 games and developer solutions to the next level of adoption.

Magic Eden has launched Magic Ventures as it looks to support Web3 gaming projects. Collectors can also look forward to a number of trading tools that will unlock access to deeper multi-chain experiences. Magic Eden will also see the roll-out of cross-chain trading analytic tools in the coming months. Presently Magic Eden charges 2% on transactions on its marketplace while leading Ethereum-based marketplace OpenSea charges 2.5%.


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The new user can access an NFT collection without going through the process of acquiring crypto beforehand to pay for it. To up the ante even further, the platform is also planning on launching a ‘cross-currency trading product’ wherein users can purchase both Solana and Ethereum NFTs using either of the blockchains’ native currencies. The service will also include a cross-chain analytics dashboard. Magic Eden, which launched in September 2021, has seen massive growth over the past several months. Eden Games has seen over 50 games with more than 300k users minting or trading NFTs on the Solana-based marketplace.

Browse the newest Faber titles, from debut novels and gripping crime thrillers to the best new poetry, children’s books and refreshed editions of classic works of literature. Solana-based NFT collections have a lower average price than Ethereum, but why bitcoin going to $1,000,000 is unlikely and horrifying has a ticket bigger than OpenSea. Another handy feature is their list management tool for whitelisting. This feature makes the process easier for the collection creator while locking the minting with the platform. Magic Eden doesn’t charge any fee for hosting the minting process, so it is a differential to attract new collections to the platform. In this chart, we can see that the average count of users on the platform has remained above 20k since March, 2022.

Access your Member profile to track your orders, view saved items and update your details. Rachel Cusk’s extraordinary trilogy is being released, for the first time, as one set in this beautifully produced Members exclusive collection. Hardcover book, 5 3/4″ x 5 1/2″, dust wrapper is near fine, book is fine; endpaper maps to scale; 209 pages with cover design and book illustrations by John Lawrence. Everyone has to be aware that a hacker may get their hands on the Magic Eden keys and steal every NFT, according to Marty. This wouldn’t happen if their code was open-source and decentralized. In response to criticism, Magic Eden informed the reporters that it will eventually switch to an escrow-free structure.

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The importance of the leading marketplace in a blockchain’s ecosystem cannot be overstated; they are central to the success and accessibility of the chain’s NFTs, and by extension, its games. OpenSea can take a lot of credit for Ethereum’s blossoming in the NFT world , as can Atomic Hub with WAX‘s. Well, in the Solana ecosystem, that paragon of growth is Magic Eden. The platform has stated that it will offer Ethereum NFT enthusiasts with the same go-to-market services as it does for Solana NFTs.